The GICON Group – Provider of a service portfolio ranging from planning to plant construction

GICON is an incorporated group of independent engineering and consulting companies under the strategic and management leadership of GICON Holding GmbH.  The group operates under the registered trademark GICON®.

GICON’s headquarters is in Dresden, Germany. Office locations throughout Germany provide services close to our German clients. Beyond Germany, GICON is also engaged internationally and has offices in various European and Asian locations as well as in the Americas.

Services provided by the GICON Group include consulting & engineering, research and development and plant construction. Consulting & engineering is provided in the areas of business system planning, environmental / permit applications, energy technology, soil and water management, and technical IT for a variety of industrial sectors.

In cooperation with many national and international research institutes, comprehensive research services are provided to ensure the necessary innovation for GICON as well as for our customers and to be involved in determining state of the art technology standards. The spectrum extends up to our own technology developments. Utilizing our own plant construction business unit, we are in a position to take innovations up to production stage, to launch in the market and manufacture our own products.

Our experienced, interdisciplinary team forms the foundation for comprehensive and state-of-art services in a variety of industries.